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There are some lectures that E5b offers regularly almost without fail. These are:

  • Statistical Methods for Data Analysis
  • Astroparticle Physics (seminar)
  • Radio Astronomy seminar

Find our current lectures in the LSF for more details.

Topics for Theses

We offer bachelor, master and PhD topics in all of our research interests. Possible work includes but is not limited to:

  • Analysis of sources monitored by our Cherenkov Telescopes
  • Improvements to the software regarding the analysis chain
  • Spectral analysis and Point Source Searches with IceCube
  • Improving Mont-Carlo simulations of particle propagation

Contact our PhD candidates for further information as they can inform you of current work-in-progress and may be able to propose topics tailored to your liking.

Previous dissertations are published via Eldorado, the TU Dortmund Research Repository. Please refer to this list and have a look!