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Multimessenger Astronomy -- Modern Astroparticle Physics' Bright Star

The researchers at E5b have pitched their tents at the fascinating crossroads between astrophysics, particle physics, and data science. In close collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines, we develop modern methods of data handling, analysis, and machine learning and apply them to data from instruments measuring across the electromagnetic spectrum and in the neutrino regime.

To harvest these multi – messenger data, in large international collaborations we participate and take up leading roles in CTA, MAGIC, FACT, and IceCube. In the GLOW consortium, we commit to building a bright future for radio astronomy in Germany. An ever more important link in the chain of scientific discovery is formed by modern simulation methods, e.g. for air showers and the propagation of leptons, where scientists from our group play key roles in software development and maintenance. And of course we always in the end have the phenomenological interpretation of the data and modelling and understanding of cosmic high – energy sources on our minds.

Contributions by students on all levels play a decisive role in this endeavor. A selection of previous and on-going theses can be found on this pages, along with proposals for new topics.

Whatever is driving your interest, we are always happy to have a scientific discussion!

Previous Dissertations

Find a list of previous dissertations here.